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Elan Cohen

Shaloha Productions, LLC is a company that specializes in organizing spiritual, metaphysical seminars, conferences and Sacred Tours within the United States, and around the world.

Founded by Elan Cohen, Shaloha Productions has over 20 years experience within this niche area. Notable clients include top metaphysical authors and speakers, such as Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Howard Martin, Dr. Lee Carroll, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Dan Millman, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and many others in the field of consciousness, science and spirituality. The mission and goal of the company is to help people discover and grow into their infinite potential.

Shaloha Productions has a proven track record of successfully hosting metaphysical and spiritual science seminars and conferences. Our expertise allows us to source the perfect venue, and our knowledge of the industry ensures we have the best possible technical support for our speakers.

Many of the Sacred Tour retreats are planned two to three years in advance. This ensures that the highest quality experience is obtainable. In addition, Shaloha Productions often arranges to have private and exclusive access to many sacred sites. This allows those on the journey to fully integrate the total experience. The result is that many participants sign up for the next tour being run by Shaloha Productions.

Due to the company’s reputation, the success of Sacred Tour retreats, and word-of-mouth advertising, many of the Shaloha Productions events become sold-out, sometimes within months of release!

However, the biggest reward is the knowledge that each and every event held by Shaloha Productions changes peoples lives for the better! Our commitment is to continue helping humanity create peace on Earth.

Type of Events Offered:

Shaloha Tours

These tours are for the person who is deeply interested in the authors’ materials and has attended a number of conferences or workshops and/or has read and has listened to the information of the authors. These tours are faster in pace, allowing multiple places within a country to be experienced while hearing the messages and talks from the authors in certain places along the journey. Group meals and an overall group feel are part of these tours. As your organizer I attend to many details day to day to keep our experience flowing smoothly.

Shaloha Retreats

These in-person long days experiential events are for those who know of the authors’ materials and feel drawn to deepen and immerse themselves in their teachings and understandings in one location, as a group during the day and with free time in the evenings to connect with other participants or to explore the area.

Shaloha Conferences

These conferences are an opportunity to hear from multiple world renowned authors and speakers. The events are arranged so that you as a participant may experience all the speakers and hear the beauty of their individual messages and profound teachings that all flow together. A day long excursion is usually offered separately, to a local natural attraction in the area.

It is recommended that when attending and investing in any type of event above, you have read, listened to and experienced the speaker beforehand.

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