This event, originally planned to be held in Banff, Canada, has now become a LIVESTREAMING, global event only.
You now have the opportunity to join from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! If you can’t make this date or time, a REPLAY will be available online for 30 days!

To help ease financial impact for registered participants in this LIVESTREAMING format, a significant price reduction was made of up to 80%. Attend ONE or TWO or THREE or All FOUR Days for as low as $22 per day!

We’re so grateful to be able to bring this amazing, power-filled multi-day program to you on-line and into your homes. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to join these amazing teachers and people from all over the world. Let this event support you during these times of great shift in consciousness on the planet!

Shifting Multi-dimensional Paradigms

Channelling – Consciousness – Divinity – Healing – Sacredness – Wisdom


August 28 – 31, 2020

Times: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT

Join internationally renowned best selling author and speaker Lee Carroll channeller for Kryon, for a very special power-packed LIVESTREAMING four-day event! Lee will team up with the Kryon teachers, speakers and channellers: Marilyn Harper (Adironnda & The Council of Light), Prageet Harris (Alcazar & The Stargate), Dr. Amber Meleha Wolf (The Star Mothers), Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Monika Muranyi, Joeaux Robey, Shamir Ladhani and Elan Cohen.

This four-day intensive is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the profound energies of channelling, teachings and healings from many sources that are here to assist you in shifting multi-dimensionally to awaken your consciousness, expand your awareness and access more of your divine energies to help you in your daily life.

Marilyn Harper with Joeaux Robey (Aug 28th), Prageet Harris (Aug 29th), Dr. Amber Wolf with Shamir Ladhani (Aug 30th), and Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Elan Cohen (Aug 31st) will be offering you full-day intensive programs. Lee Carroll/Kryon will also be joining each of the presenters in dual-channelings each day.

Spend these four days from the comfort of your home with each of these profound teachers as they lead you through some of the most powerful cutting edge metaphysical energy works known today. This program is designed to give you the maximum opportunity to do the deeper work that is the focus of your time with each of them. Join us and attendees from throughout the world for this retreat based upon the presenters’ lifetime of knowledge, experience, wisdom and love. A multi-dimensional experience like no other!

Speakers’ Personal Videos about the Retreat. Please note that these videos contain some information about the event in Banff that has changed to LIVESTREAMING only.

August 28 – Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey – Shifting Paradigms Means Getting Clear on What You Want
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Shifting Paradigms Means Getting Clear on What You Want

The 3 questions that are MOST ASKED of Adironnda are…Q#1) What is my life purpose? Q#2) Where’s my big stack of cash? And Q#3) Where’s my sweetheart?

And, the answers are so simple! So, why do so many people struggle with these aspects of their lives? Because it is easier said; than done. We work in your conscious and subconscious emotional body to reprogram your frequency so you can release whatever it is that is blocking you so that you can manifest whatever it is your heart desires.

Join Marilyn Harper, Joeaux Robey, and Adironnda in a very fun, interactive, hands-on plurkshop (play + work = plurk) to get NEW beneficial habits into the cells of your body. You will walk away singing* and dancing** your new belief system in full momentum to creating the life that you love. And, it all begins with getting absolutely CLEAR on what you want – and then your life paradigm shifts. Easy peasy. You will also experience a deeply energetic activation with Adironnda and the Council of Light. * ** Singing and dancing NOT required. But, you will want to anyway, guaranteed.

August 29 – Prageet Harris – Reality – It Can Get A LOT Better Than This
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Audio channeling message from Alcazar

“Beloved Ones We Greet Thee, Tis Alcazar,

The Stargate Experience in Banff will be an extremely interesting one, for reality is not what you think it is.

Time, and the experience of time, is changing.

And, Beloved Ones, you are not who you think you are.

And so we invite you to join us – to explore a new reality where you know Self, where you understand that the reality that you experience day to day YOU can be in charge of.

You can start creating a whole new lifestyle for yourself with this understanding of who you truly are. With an understanding of time and vibration and dimensionality.

Beloved Ones, we invite you to step into a whole new you, a whole new reality, and a level of abundance here in your human form – in this earthly reality.

Are you ready for this?”

-Alcazar, The Stargate’s Guide

The Stargate Workshop

The Stargate Experience is going to change your mind – literally! But not just your mind – your very DNA will be excited, energised and you will feel it in your energy field, a tangible vibration, supporting an internal change!

All this just by being in the energy fields created by the Stargate, which will allow you to connect with the Galactic Command, who will be present to bathe us in a gentle, benevolent energetic of upliftment.

The Ascended Masters will be joining us too. Most people will actually feel them as they bring their presence into the room, their enlightened energies will also vibrate you to your very core, deep into your Beingness.

Other guides will be felt as we create the invitation simply by our being together in an open, receptive space.

What is the Stargate?

The Stargate is an inter-dimensional doorway – a geometric structure that emits a powerful conscious energy, an energy that can move participants into a deep meditative space within moments.

This sacred geometric structure creates a high vibrational energy field which allows participants to actually feel the guides and the beings from the higher dimensions that are invited to join us. As we are touched by the energy of these visitors, our vibration starts to resonate with theirs and incredible awakenings are possible.

The beauty of the Stargate work is: there is nothing to do, it is simply relaxing into the gentle energy fields. And so we are going to invite you to have a taste, to participate in one of our meditations in this short introduction that we will be sharing with you. And so we invite you to join us. Experience vibrational healing. It is the new way, it is effortless.

The Stargate work consists of Channeled Meditations and Questions & Answers by the Stargate’s guide Alcazar.

Experience the powerful, transformative energies of the Stargate – energies that allow you to go deep into meditation while simultaneously raising your vibration to a more joyful, balanced state of being.

August 30 – Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf & Shamir Ladhani – Awaken Your Shamanic Heart
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Immersion in the Shamanic Heart teachings of Lemuria; Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

We are all being impacted by the fast pace of our changing world – we can end up feeling isolated and alone.

The good news is that we can radically transform our feelings of disconnection by Living from the Heart of Lemurian Wisdom, as taught by the loving Pleiadian Star Mothers. How can reach into your Lemurian Akash and for the wisdom that is waiting for you? We will show you!

The Lemurians lived in balance and harmony, honoring the sacred masculine and divine feminine – a meld that came from the Stars. Would you like to feel more of that balance in you?

Through the Wisdom of the Star Mothers, we bring you a program to guide you to:

  • Uncover limiting beliefs that keep you repeating the loop of
  • Self-defeating (old energy) reactions that can trigger
  • Fears that keep you from deep and joyful relationships, so instead you can
  • Shine the light of balance and union through your cells and soul out into the world!
Join Mele’ha, creator of the Lemurian Sisterhood® and Lemurian Shamanic Teaching Wheel©, and Shamir Ladhani, Kryon Teaching Wheel Facilitator, as they immerse you in this Ancient Wisdom, recreated for our Modern Times.

August 31 -
Lee Carroll & Monika Muranyi
Including the new Kryon Healing Circle of Twelve
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
Elan Cohen – The Merkabah Experience


August 28 – 31, 2020 (Fri-Mon)
Times: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT

Note: If you can’t make this date or time, a REPLAY will be available online for 30 days!

Select the Livestreaming price according to your budget:

ALL DAYS PACKAGE PRICE (original event price was $444.00):
I’m feeling Benevolent – price $88.00 USD
I’m feeling Gratitude – price $111.00 USD
I’m feeling Abundance – price $222.00 USD

August 28 – Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey – price $22 or $33 or $44 USD
August 29 – Prageet Harris – price $22 or $33 or $44 USD
August 30 – Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf & Shamir Ladhani – price $22 or $33 or $44 USD
August 31 – Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Elan Cohen – price $22 or $33 or $44 USD

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What participants in our past Livestreaming events have to say:

Hello Elan,

Thank you for your kind attention to our group. I had the pleasure of seeing you on screen during the Science and Spirituality Conference that took place online. Your warmth, caring and genuine concern for us all came through in your communications, and I thank you for your tremendous work in making the conference a wonderful success.

Julie C.

Hello Elan,

I attended the Worldwide Conference with all the great inspirational leaders! That was great! I definitely had some breakthroughs! You and your team did a fantastic job!!

Thank you so much!
Desiree H.

First off to Elan and team: this conference far exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned so much and I’m looking forward to putting it into practice. Also, I’m so grateful it was virtual and the $ reduction which made it more flexible and affordable for me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to access this extraordinary, life changing information.

Thank you.
Natalia S.

Dear Elan,

What a wonderful eight days of the Science and Spirituality Conference! Thank you, your team and all the participants so much for making this Livestreaming possible. I would not have been able to attend otherwise.

It was a truly wonderful learning experience, full of new uplifting information, guidance and up-to-date science. The organisation was exceptional and your calm presence was a delight.

Blessings and kind regards,
Edith H.

I hope you get this Elan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to take part in the Livestreaming conference. It has been one of the best weeks of my life… I have learned and (I feel) grown so much, and have loved every minute of it. I am so grateful to you and the speakers and your team for making this possible.

Lots of love and grateful thanks,
Chris W.

Thank you! The conference was amazing. It was very powerful for me as I worked through some major issues in my life.

Beckie C.

Hello Elan,

Wanted to thank you and the whole crew for the amazing presentations for over a week. I was “there” for all of them! I was indeed grateful beyond measure for the Livestreaming events. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf. We would not have been able to enjoy it so much if it had not been for you and all the behind the scenes workers.

Many blessings to you and yours,
Pauline R.

Dear Elan,

Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful Science and Spirituality Conference. You and your team brought so much light and love into so many people’s lives.

Lorena P.

I was a little hesitant to join for some reason. Then I decided – what else do I have to do? But this is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. The ideas, science and experience are some of the best I have ever experienced. I have followed most of these people off and on for years now, but was so moved by the quality of their content. And I feel I have been moved with every experience into a closer and more deep experience of the oneness of the universe. I can never thank you enough for these experiences. My gratitude to all the presenters and your team.

Much Gratitude!
Kathy R.

Dear Elan and team,

Thank you for a wonderful conference!

While we are experiencing our global condition, we received much needed inspiration and encouragement. To be able to spend a week with brilliant and heartfelt presenters and over 1,000 attendees is truly Heaven on Earth.

I want to thank you for offering this opportunity. I am retired and would not have been able to afford the extra cost of hotel and airfare.

The speakers are professionals and I would recommend all of them. I am very much looking forward to replays to further integrate their teachings, which are valuable during these challenging times and supportive to our spiritual ascension process.

Thank you Elan for your heartfelt sharing and calm presence.


Thank you everyone, especially Elan and awesome Rubi and the team on customer service. Transforming a 7-day conference into a Livestreaming event. You did it so well.

Kristin T.

I am one of the hundreds of interested souls who signed up for some of the sessions in the Science and Spirituality VIRTUAL conference and I write this with immense admiration and gratitude to you and the whole team.

The learning curve was surely “mind-blowing” and surely intense: the challenges to keep all info flowing with the complex world time zones; the hand holding for technical issues experienced out there when folks are on many different platforms. You and the whole team ARE AMAZING!

Madeleine S.

Thank you so much for a wonderful and enlightening week! I hope that you will consider having more of the Livestreaming events. I can’t get away and this was a life saving experience for me. Please consider more. I’ll be first in line for tickets. Everyone did such a great job in bringing this to all of us. Thank you all.

Very grateful,
Judith Y.

Thank you! That was amazing! I was able to attend something I never would have been able to go to this year! You guys did an incredible job! I look forward to future offerings, maybe even in person in the future.

And deep thanks to all of you for putting on this amazingly inspiring online conference. My life is different today than it was yesterday and I’m very excited by what it’s going to be after Friday’s last presentation!

Great, that’s just what I need. You guys have been fabulous with the logistics. I was never frustrated. You were always on the ball. Thank you.


Congratulations for a well organized, smooth running conference. Excellent! Very well done! The world needs all the distinguished presenters to keep going and help raise the consciousness for our planet even higher, illuminating all, especially the new generation that is following us.

My sincere gratitude to all.

Maria R.