Inter-dimensional Pleiadian Experience

June 20 – 23, 2019

Times: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Doors open: 8:00 AM
Location: Mount Shasta Resort (Siskiyou room)
1000 Siskiyou Lake Boulevard Mount Shasta, CA 96067


Join internationally renowned best selling author and speaker Lee Carroll channeller for Kryon, as he returns after five years to Shasta for a very special power-packed intimate four-day event! Lee will team up with the Kryon teachers and speakers: Prageet Harris (Alcazar & The Stargate), Marilyn Harper (Adironnda & The Council of Light), Dr. Amber Wolf (Meleha) and Michelle Karen. Together, in one of the most recognized energy centers on the planet and a Pleiadian NODEMt. SHASTA!

The incredible multi-dimensional energies of Mt. Shasta, and its deep connection to ancient Lemuria and our Pleiadian brothers and sisters that live in the 5th dimensional city of Telos inside the mountain, are calling us back to reunite with our star family and celebrate our divinity in these new times of accelerated consciousness on the planet.

This four-day intensive intimate retreat is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the profound energies from many sources. To further awaken your consciousness and your connection to GAIA/Mother Earth, and access more of your divine energies to help you in your daily life.

The speakers will be teaming up with Lee Carroll in the days’ intensive program, and on the last day they will all join their energies and hearts in a grand way!

This one of a kind special retreat will take place at the beautiful Mount Shasta Resort.

Spend up-close time with each of these profound teachers as they lead you through some of the most powerful cutting edge metaphysical energy works known today. This program is designed to give you the maximum opportunity to do the deeper work that is the focus of your time with each of them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us and attendees from throughout the world for this retreat based upon the presenters’ lifetime of knowledge, experience, wisdom and love!

A Pleiadian inter-dimensional experience like no other!


Note: Registration for individual days is not available; this event is offered as a complete package only.

Price for this incredible retreat*:

*Price includes LUNCH each day! Fine dining Buffet at Mt. Shasta Resort.
(Regular, Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free)

June 20 – 23, 2019 (Thurs-Sun) Times: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Saving price $595.00 USD (before May 20th, 2019)
Full Price $645.00 USD (after May 20th, 2019)
*Airfare, transportation, accommodation and extra services are not included in the price.

Cancellation policy:
Refundable (minus 10%) if canceling before April 1st 2019
Refundable (minus 25%) if canceling before May 1st 2019
Refundable (minus 50%) if canceling before June 1st 2019

Note: Business name that appears on card statements is SHALOHA KRY or SHALOHA KRYON

Contact & Registration for the retreat only:
Please send an email after you made the payment to confirm your registration to:
A confirmation for your payment will be sent to you from PayPal after sending the payment. A welcome letter confirming your registration and further information will be sent to you from Shaloha Productions. If you have not received it within 24 hrs after sending your payment, please check your SPAM and TRASH folders. Email is our primary and preferred form of communication. This ensures the best clarity and record keeping for all communications. We will reply to your emails as soon as possible and in the order they are received. Thank you for your understanding!

ADDITIONAL EVENING SESSIONS (not included in the retreat price):

Note: Registration for these additional events are only via the speakers websites/links/contact below:

June 20 (4:00-6:00pm) – WOMEN only: Lemurian Sisterhood with Dr. Amber Wolf (incl. Kryon channelling)
Price $44.00 USD Click for Registration & Information

June 20 (4:00-6:00pm) – MEN only: Stargate with Prageet Harris: Intuition. Moving Beyond the Mind into the Quantum Field
Price $44.00 USD Click for Registration & Information

Note: This event takes place at Prageet’s home.

June 21 (4:00-6:00pm) – Stargate with Prageet Harris: The Quantum Field, Your Superconsciousness: The Access Point Into All Realities
Price $44.00 USD Click for Registration & Information

June 22 (4:00-6:00pm) – Quantum Vision with Marilyn Harper, Adironnda and The Council of Light
Price $44.00 USD Click for Registration & Information

June 22 (8:00-10:00pm) – Stargate with Prageet Harris: Meet your Star Family
Price $44.00 USD Click for Registration & Information

Note: This event takes place at Prageet’s home.

June 23 (4:00-6:00pm) – Ayni Despacho Ceremony with Michelle Karen
Price $44.00 USD Click for Registration & Information

MT. SHASTA TOURS (not included in the retreat price):

- Registration for these tours are only via the website/link/contact below.
- Lee Carroll is NOT participating in these tours.

June 19 & 24 – Mount Shasta Sacred Site Journeys – with Andrew Oser – Receiving the Gift of the Magical Mountain
Price $77.00 USD Click for Registration & Information

Share Room – Share Ride: If you’re looking to share a room or ride and don’t have a companion already, you can use these Facebook group pages to connect with other attendees:

Hotels in Shasta: You can use Google or Trip Adviser to find what types of accommodation are suitable for your needs and budget. You can also stay at Mt. Shasta Resort, 1000 Siskiyou Lake Boulevard Mount Shasta, CA 96067.
No special group room rate is offered by the resort.

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